Name: Long-Hai Pham

DOB: 03-18-1979


Born in Northern California, for just about as long as I can remember I've been drawing , doodling and being creative. After growing up in suburban bay area and raised on a steady diet of comic books, anime, and film, I went down to L.A. for college.  I attended the University of Southern California for Fine Arts, where after a bunch of football games, beers, good times with friends and dragging art supplies around campus, I graduated. After finishing my bachelors, I attended a small atelier called the Associates in Arts where I was able to further refine my figure drawing, oil painting, and composition. Not to mention it opened my eyes to some unbelievable artists. I then made my way up to picturesque British Columbia to attend the Vancouver Film School and pick up CGI and character animation.

In 2004 I returned to LA to make my start at Threshold Digital Labs. Followed by a short stint over at R!OT, Stan Winston Studios, and followed by Gigapix Studios. Currently I am still in L.A. employed as a character animator at a vfx studio called Hydraulx. I am also currently enrolled in AnimationMentor, a place where I hope to learn the finer points of character animation.