Name: Long-Hai Pham

This blog is basically a journal of my day to day efforts to become a better animator and artist. Like any other person who wants to achieve a goal or passion, i’ve encountered a few ups and a few downs. But its been an interesting journey thus far and I feel like I’m improving steadily. I’ve never really ever stopped walking and sprinting along this journey, but there have been detours and times i’ve gotten lost. But I trust in seeing things through and to find what makes you happy.

I’ve been through a lot of schools for a variety of reasons but my time with Animation Mentor thus far has been one of the most eye opening. I’m slowly learning to put back a little faith in my artistic endeavors and my mind has been slowly been opening wider and wider to accept the ongoings of the world, artistic or otherwise.  This is dedicated to all the people who’ve been there with me every step of the way ( you all know who you are). Thanks for your faith and belief.  And also dedicated to the unwavering people who have also taken the arduous road to pursuing what makes them happy, whatever that field or goal may be.


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