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Blocking Plus of Class 4 Two Person Dialogue.

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

 This is what I turned in for Sunday’s assignment. I got a lot of stuff that I wanted to get into this pass. But there’s still so much much much more that I need to think out and add to this animation. But I feel that things are generally headed down the right road.

Blocking as of Wednesday for two person Dialogue.

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Animation Mentor Class 4: Stronger Layout and Blocking

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

 Further critique and adjustments from my mentor and peers. The biggest of which would be adding a new cam for ” nice jammies” and having a FG character in cam 01 and cam 02.  I’d like to thank my buddy Jared Brient for my most recent video reference. Of which I will take his more highly energized interpretations of the jammies helmet chracter. I’ll probably tighten up the cameras and poses in the next two days and try to add in the necessary anticipations and inbetweens. Lots of work to do!

Animation Mentor Class 4: Layout/Blocking Part III

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

After what seems like a ton of awesome help from my peers and classmates from AM. Here is the latest and greatest of my two person dialogue layout.

Animation Mentor Class 4: Layout/Blocking Part II

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

My next stab at the layout/blocking and staging pass with comments from my peers and my mentor.

AM Class 4: Two Person Dialogue Planning

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

So I haven’t updated in a bit, but I can safely say that this will be a meaty post. I’ve been a little busy just shuffling through audio clips, thinking of ideas, trying to filter through approaches I want to take on this dialogue. So I settled on a few things. I definitely wanted to make it funny, video ref myself and a friend, act it out in the mirror more, attempt to draw and plan a TON, and spend more time on paper overall thinking things through.

The dialogue I picked is from the movie ” Grandma’s Boy”. And goes a little like this:

A: “You sure this is okay?”
B: “Yeah. It’s totally cool. Just keep your voice down. My roommates are sleeping.”
A: “You mean your parents?”
B: “Yeah, same thing.”
A: “Nice jammies.”
B: “Thanks. They’re a present from my roommates.”

From there with the help of some friends ( thanks Maria!) and my mentor Jason. I was headed toward making this a pretty zany idea. I definitely wanted it to be outlandish and basically two guys doing really dumb things together. One protagonist being the more normal ” cool ” guy with a heart of gold. And one guy whose obviously eccentric and doesn’t get out much whom still wants to have a real friend. Protagonist A definitely knows this and is careful in dealing with B’s odd tendencies. AKA ” playing it cool and calling his parents his roomies”.

Here are some ideas I toyed with initially in thumbnails for the hijinx.

And here are the thumbnails. I basically like to think with a pencil in my hand first and throughout the animation process. ( found out the hard way when i was severely lacking in creative ” OOMPH” with the last project). But yea I basically try to hash out all the possibilities and poses at this stage. Its FUN! =) Plus I find that you tend to get really lost and baffled if you’re CONSTANTLY plugged into the box. I found that a healthy dose of asking peers often and finding a bunch of interesting ways to push single story poses has added extra life to my animation. You can’t always depend on your own eyes to judge your work, things start to get muddy and you lose a bit of objectivity on your shot.