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So this is week 2 of the Pull and Push Assignment

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Sorry I didn’t post my initial block. This is pass two. It has a few things lacking in a ” Blocking Plus” pass. But I spent more time trying to solidfy a greater foundation for timing. Also tried to refine a few poses as well.

Week 8 of Class Two: Body Mechanics

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Turned in my Box jump assignment. Click on the QT above to check it out.

It is also our final assigment for class two in which we have a few weeks to complete. I’ve already vid ref’d myself attempting to act out my idea. This week I chose the push/pull heavy object assignement. We have Stu pulling a cart with a HUGE light bulb placed on it. He has a hell of a time pulling it to the lightbulb port area. Lifts the bulb and places it into the port, rests a bit and sees the bulb is tilting over to the other side. After some quick thinking Stu darts to the the other side and pushes the bulb back into place.

Here are some thumbnails of my vid ref.

Another WIP.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Taking the advice my mentor ( David Breaux) had given me during my critique. I decided to change a few poses/ ideas / and a bit of timing on my box jump. The main change would be the transition from the take to the anticipation of the box jump off. Trying to get all major key poses and breakdowns in place and then polish later on. And there was also some stripping out of a few areas of animation from the previous WIP, however I think its for the best.

WIP for week 7

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Further WIP on my box jump animation. I’ll have to film my vid reference for the next assignment this saturday. I’ll make sure I post that up as well.

Lots of arcs to clean up and I definitely have to make a bigger anticipation for the ” take”. And I might take out some time/ keys out of the last 50 frames to speed up Stu’s escape from the scene.

Box Jump Blocking: Part II

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

So here it is. Still in stepped keys ready to be further broken down and inbetween’d. From here on out I’m probably gonna doubly refine some of the key poses. Then smooth out the curves out of stepped. Then do a lotta work on the torso. Of course followed by legs and feet. I think most of the work will be in the two jumps. Although the run and halt will take a bit of work to be convincing. I still have 20 frames left. ( I’m currently running at 180 frames outta 200) Sooo. Maybe I can pad the beginning and have the frisbee go solo a bit .

As per a friend in Class 5 , I went looking for audio clips early to anticipate the acting assignment next term. Got away with some smaller ones. Maybe I’ll go look for some Michael Caine / Alec Guinness/ Jack Lemon/ Terence Stamp/ type performances. Lot of gravitas from those guys.