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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

This article is just further proof on how Pixar is such a fertile bastion for creatives and artists. It seems like if you love the culture there, full of ideas, and work hard you can go beyond what you set out to do. In this case from animator to a director of a Pixar short.


Also one of my many animation heroes. And owner of one of the many companies I’d like to work for one day.

Phil Tippett

Week 8. Vanilla Walk and new pose.

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

So this week we’re tackling the basic walk. Its a pretty involved process so animation has been divided into blocking this week. And animation refinement next week. So just key poses/ breakdowns and extremes in stepped mode this week. We also have another pose assignement. STRENGTH. Tough one to get my mind wrapped around because i’m always trying to go anti-cliche. Not sure I succeeded in going against the grain, but heres how it went.

And heres my walk planning:

My week 7 assignment completed.

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Here is Tailor jumping hurdles!

Peter De Seve!

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Man can this guy draw.

Interview here

Planning for Week 7. And QT of Week 6.

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Here is my planning for Tailor. Basically a bouncing ball with a tail. Should be fun!

So wayy late. But the Mentors in Animation lecture was amazing to say the least. So here we had Andreas Deja ( Jaffar, Scar, Lilo) James Baxter ( Rafiki, Stallion, Enchanted 2d sequence), Pete Doctor ( Director of Monsters Inc. 1st class Cal Arts) and Eric Goldberg ( Genie from aladdin and worked with Richard Williams). It was well organized as they went up, show’d a clip of Disney animation from the nine old men that related to a scene they had animated. So Andreas Deja for example screened a clip of Malificent ( Marc Davis) before he screened a clip of Jaffar. Mentioned how he was inspired by it and used it as guidance to further develop his own characters. All these animators never really dealt or worked with the nine old men extensively. Maybe met occasionally ( save for Andreas, he used to visit them during their retirement) but found that they had a profound influence on their work. As a young animator looking upon greats. ( Standing on the shoulders of giants) I was amazed to see these modern greats gawk, drool, and bewildered by the nine old men’s drawings and animation. My favorite part was when Andreas put up a few drawings from his private collection. I believe we got to Milt Kahl/ Marc Davis and James Baxter let out a ” SON OF A BITCH!” It was golden. I felt empowered after wards and really want to make it into character animation ever much more.

Week 5 Assignment

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

So here is my obstacle course animation. Next week i’m gonna try the embed video file thing. Mostly because this QT thing is not quite what I had in mind. And I’ve also posted my DEVASTATION pose. Yea I know its in caps. Animation Mentor people love CAPS apparently.

And in even more fun news. Go see Iron Man. POST HASTE!

Its been a long long time since I’ve had such high expectations for a film and have left a theatre well satisfied. The movie is a well oiled machine. Spectacular acting from its top 4 actors/actresses; Bridges/Howard/Paltrow/Downey Jr. I think I can watch Downey Jr mowing his lawn if he acted like Tony Stark while doing it. Pacing is great, its not a full on 2 hr high octane action movie nor is it just full on psycho babble. Favreau definitely attempts to ride both sides of the line. Its quick, witty, doesn’t disrespect the audience by hand feeding you details, and pays good homage for the comic geek fans out there. Effects are rock solid from ILM/ Orphanage/ Embassy/PLF. All amateur directors take notice, this is how you can take material that has FAIL written all over it and turn it into something worth watching. Oh and as you may have heard, stay for the full credits. Little surprise at the end.

One of many movies to come this summer!