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One of the more honest takes on animation in vfx.

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

I really like how the article/interview is conducted. Check it out. 

Milt Kahl.

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

So earlier this week I was able to attend an homage of sorts to Milt Kahl over in Beverly Hills. First and foremost I have to thank my friend Clement Yip who tipped me off very early in April and allowed me to secure my tickets. I tired to return the favor by saving him a seat in a packed house. I even bumped into AM buddy Marcelino Newquist there. Such a small animation community this is, never ceases to surprise me.

Basically the event was broken down into either people who knew Milt during his lifetime or a showcase of his animation and drawings. There were various amazing stories, funny events in Milt’s life, and just a warm feeling that he touched a lot of people during his time here. Notable guests were Andreas Deja who showed his HUGE and impressive collection of Milt Kahl drawings. Among the other speakers were Milt Kahl’s daughter( Sybil Byrnes), Marc Davis’s wife ( Alice Davis) whom was a dear friend to Milt, Brad Bird, Ron and Jon, Floyd Norman, and John Pomeroy.

Other than sheer awe of Milt’s work I was able to walk away with a few things after the lecture. Milt seemed to bring everyone else up around him with his really high standards of quality. It would seem that even though he was extremely talented he worked extremely hard at whatever animation task was at hand. Apparently he was very honest with how he felt about other people’s work and wasn’t afraid to tell him. But he also would help a person on the team by doing a drawing or showing them what needed to be fixed. Someone who pushes others around him to be better is probably worth its gold in any studio.

Milt ‘s hardwork seemed to stem from his explorations of the animation. Apparently he tried several versions of each and every pose to find the most ideal one. Working hard to ” kill your babies” and strive for ideas after the first generation is extremely essential. There have been many a time where I’ve either had recommendations by peers to push a pose or made myself push harder, only to find myself much more happy with the later generations of ideas.

Milt’s assistant, Floyd Norman, said there would be times where Milt had no pencil in hand and was deep in thought. Concentrated. Only to pick up a pencil late in the day or the next. Floyd was convinced that Milt had animated and pondered the scene in his head. Which sounds like something Mozart would do if you asked me. But in the end, it meant that you have to own your shot/ scene. You’ve got to get into the moment of the characters, the moment of the entire film  that you’ve been tasked with and just sell that idea.

Many comparisons to artistic geniuses were made of Milt. Mozart, Michaelangelo, and even being from another world. And his work definitely showed it. Whether it be the princes of all Disney fare, Sher Khan, King Louie, Mowgli climbing a tree, Jimeney Cricket running while getting dressed or Roger making fun of Cruela Deville in song. Just amazing. Milt was also credited with a lot of finalized looks for characters such as Pinnochio, Sher Khan and many others.

I walk away from these events feeling two distinct ways. MAN i really want to draw and animate RIGHT NOW! And of course, MAN I have a long long long way to go. But in the end great lecture. And I feel really bad for the many people who were left standing outside do an oversold show. I wish the theatre found a way to just cram everyone in.

Really memorable moment.

” the play’s the thing”

Heavy/Light ball assignment.And Brad Bird is awesome.

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Another post before I refine today.

Theres no wonder I try to dl every podcast and try to catch every speaker series that he’s a part of. Dude’s got animation / acting/ directing/ writing chops.. you name it. And hes very out of the box and forthright about it. Check out this article. For those that have had the chance to work with him, I love hearing your stories. Hopefully I’ll get my chance one of these days.

Brad Bird’s Innovation Incubation

Week Two assignment turned in!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

So I finally picked a pose with the help of my classmates and peers. Posed the rig to the pose and posted it up for a public review. Good thing too, because I got a good comment or two about pushing the pose further. So here goes: The drawing. First pass pose. Second pass pose.

Tell me what you all think!

Also on a side note, I’ve been a sick addict of the podcasts from Animation Podcast.

The sheer history and knowledge you can pick up from those things is great! You truly get inspired when you hear Andreas Deja practice and practice his whole adolescence to get into Disney. Or that Glen Keane’s dad Bill Keane ( of Family Circus) would take time away from work and help out his son on drawing advice. All the snippets too of the old days of disney are great. Anything from how productive the 9 old men were, to the political intrigue, loss of Walt, arrival of Eisner/Katzenberg, to even the cliques ( Cal arts students / old school/ Bluth group). Whats particularly inspiring above all else, is the common theme amongst all these greats. They really valued their apprenticeship under a great animator when they started out, and felt it was a great way to learn animation. Of course this all ties back to AM, and how all of us are seeking that student/ teacher experience. Although its transformed to a different animal via technology and the sheer demand of people’s goals to become animators, its a great modern day version of the old master/ apprentice formula.

Interview with David Torres. A lead animator from Blue Sky. And good advice from 2d animator Ralph Bakshi .

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Pretty cool article. Cool to see a semi-inside look at the animation and character dev of “Horton hears a Who”.


Also an old ASIFA article that I found a great read. I have a great respect for 2d animation, and its nice to hear a few words to bridge the two worlds.

Advice for CG animators.

And 2 more old sketches.