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Green Lantern Trailer is upon us!!!!

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

“I’m Here” to debut online in March!

Friday, February 26th, 2010


Trailer for the latest project I got to work on.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Recently I had the great opportunity to work over at Method Studios with a great team to bring life to some robots for an upcoming short film entitled “I’m Here” from Spike Jonze.Here’s the trailer!I’ll do a more in depth post once the film becomes more public. It just made its debut at Sundance. I guess the film will make a world premiere at the film’s website in March. But you can see it if you happen to be at the Berlin film festival in Feb!

Commercial I’ve been working on has been posted online! =)

Saturday, September 12th, 2009


The last few months I’ve been working at a company called yU+co trying to breathe some life into some characters. I lucked out and got to animate the teenage mutant ninja turtles! It was a fun experience being a lead animator with such a great crew.

There’s plenty of applause to go around, but first and foremost, its definitely hats off to Garson Yu and yU+co for securing this project and allowing all of us creatives to be as imaginative as we could be. The production team of Gordon Bellamy and Dan Mascarelli were top notch in taking care of us artists and making sure we hit our milestones. Working with our intial braintrust of director Jim Sonzero and fight choreographer Reuben Langdon was both inspirational and very educational. Just observing their thought processes on motion, camera, action, and narrative was worth being on the project for. Our CG supe was also fun to work for, Stephen Fedasz, or the ” Fedaszzler” as we would call him. Definitely a good guy to have around to pull stuff together at the zero hour of a project but still keep things relatively sane.

Our modeling team was great and was headed up by the ever so talented and hard working Nghia Lam. It was fun to have such robust environments to animate within so thanks Josh, and of course Kye Wan’s one and two.

Big shout out to the Eric Smith and Stephen Delala for all the awesome lighting work they did. Stephen was also our rigger and overall generalist problem solver, definitely couldn’t have done it without him. And last but not least, a big huge congratulations to our small animation team of Alessandro Ceglia, Conner LaBella and myself.  It was great to work with such inciteful, talented and self motivated animators. There wasn’t a moment where I felt we couldn’t meet our various milestones and deadlines, and not only that, meeting the deadlines with animation that was appealing and entertaining.

Our last minute addition of Steve Viola was also great. A very talented overall artist who made both the intro and ending title sequences come to life. Not only did he have little time to do it all, he finished it and ended up helping on other aspects of the commercial as well.

Very memorable project indeed.

Term Two Begins!

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

The term started on Monday June 30th I believe. Wednesday I had my first Q and A with my Class 2 mentor. David Breaux. It was pretty cool, he was very inciteful on all topics that we had to throw to him as a class. Since this term is all about body mechanics, I think I will be trying to squeeze as much time out of my schedule for further study as I can. This area of animation is definitely an area I need further improvement and direction in. I can see the pitfalls of poor body mechanics in CG animation, as anyone can move the rig/character from point A to B. However does it convey weight? Are the poses interesting and exaggerated? Are there arcs for every appendage and body mass? Are things overlapping and over shooting well? And on top of it all, is your animation still reading as the original idea that you set out to demonstrate?

I think it will be fun and challenging overall. =)

And definitely see Wall-E. I’m sure most of us already have, if not twice. You can just summarize the whole movie as excellent really. Beautiful to look at, animation is of course top notch, and it has a very clever ability to draw you in. I’ve seen other reviewers refer to the film as ” Chaplinesque”. And indeed it is. Beat-up, old, rusty and dinky, the Wall-E robot does incur the same feelings of pathos as the Tramp. Pantomime and lack of real dialogue also contribute heavily to the comparison. The great thing about Chaplin’s Tramp is that it seems like you’ve known the guy for 15 years and were there when he was on hard times etc. And in a sense, you feel the same with Wall-E. You feel like you were there 700 years ago when he was first assigned to clean the earth, or when he started gathering his first trinkets. Great stuff.

But yea. Stay tuned for ref-video and thumbnails of my next assignment.

See Kung Fu panda right away!

Monday, June 9th, 2008

I came into this movie a bit skeptical. A lot of Dreamworks movies contain great animation, character design, and ideas. But sometimes some of their films fall short of being the “holy grail ” goal of being a complete film. Kung Fu Panda has the legs below it to become just that. Po( the panda) has a definite sense of empathy that just flows from him in droves. And if you’re a student of Chaplin, you know thats where it all begins for either great audience to character identification or comedy foundation. Animation was nothing short of amazing. Character designs by Nico Martlett were awesome to behold. Voice acting, although bloated with stars was decent. I liked the turtle and the mantis. Both my favs. But i have an odd habit of liking the oddball characters.

here is my pose for EXHAUSTED.

Week 5 Assignment

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

So here is my obstacle course animation. Next week i’m gonna try the embed video file thing. Mostly because this QT thing is not quite what I had in mind. And I’ve also posted my DEVASTATION pose. Yea I know its in caps. Animation Mentor people love CAPS apparently.

And in even more fun news. Go see Iron Man. POST HASTE!

Its been a long long time since I’ve had such high expectations for a film and have left a theatre well satisfied. The movie is a well oiled machine. Spectacular acting from its top 4 actors/actresses; Bridges/Howard/Paltrow/Downey Jr. I think I can watch Downey Jr mowing his lawn if he acted like Tony Stark while doing it. Pacing is great, its not a full on 2 hr high octane action movie nor is it just full on psycho babble. Favreau definitely attempts to ride both sides of the line. Its quick, witty, doesn’t disrespect the audience by hand feeding you details, and pays good homage for the comic geek fans out there. Effects are rock solid from ILM/ Orphanage/ Embassy/PLF. All amateur directors take notice, this is how you can take material that has FAIL written all over it and turn it into something worth watching. Oh and as you may have heard, stay for the full credits. Little surprise at the end.

One of many movies to come this summer!