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Final Version( Pre crit)

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Well here it is. I went through a few versions and had a tough time lopping off the 3rd section where Stewie pushes the lightbulb back up. But I’m happy I did cut it out , as it freed up tons of time to put in the proper space for inbetweens and some great moving holds.

Stay tuned for my progress reel! Now i’ll have some time to get my head together for next term. Intro to Acting!  Ill have to start hunting for some ideas for my pantomime shot, along with a few audio clips for my lip sync shot.

Long time since last post.

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

What can I say? I ‘ve been busy. =) After Class one I was able to take a break from both AM and Work, in the form of a two week vacation. Doing AM without having to go through a day of work was great for one week. After 4 weeks I’ve finally decided to post and we’ve actually finished the first assignment. The 180 degree turn. I’m not that pleased with it. But I did come upon two ” AH-HAH!” moments for myself concerning animation.

1. A campus mentor by the name of Leigh Rens was suggesting I put more figure eights in the hips for the turn during the weight shift. And the sorta ” DUH!” moment i had was like oh yeah! Strive for some appealing motion, stop going by the vid ref verbatim. Which usually leads to more boring motion . I mean who wants to see real life on a cartoony character like Ballie? So yea.. I’m sitting there thinking.. why didn’t i think of that at the time.

2. Also i had a serious lack of overshoot and follow through. Stuff I’m usually really a big fan of and its usually what i can’t wait to do. But somehow my brain was just not turned for animation last week for me to catch.

But overall. Its a win in my eyes, as I’ve bumped into and registered these moments for the future. And I have AM to thank for it. In addition to its great lectures and mentors, the discoveries one makes on these assignments are invaluable.

Here is a QT of the 180 Turn. Im gonna do a rehash of the motion for a revision by the end of the week.

My first official post.

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

My official start date for animation mentor is March 31st. But I figured that an early start on my blog would be good. I’m touching up both my website and trying to get a hang of simple WordPress commands. I’ll be adding content to this blog and trying to keep up to date with my sketches, drawings , paintings and animation.